This group is the outgrowth of an inebriated challenge: "I can outcook you any time!" uttered to a very serious cook by a once-a-year cook. It has now evolved into a loosely organized series of informal food-centric dinner parties. There is no regular schedule, just when the cooks and eaters are available.

A cuisine "theme" is chosen, typically an ethnicity, region, or style; past events have included Southeast Asian, Cajun, Spanish. Then three key ingredients are chosen with which each cook has to work -- but not necessarily in a single dish. There is much room for flexibility.

Although fiercely competitive, there are no prizes, winners, or losers. Everyone eats very well. The cooks from one event select the cooks, theme, and ingredients for the next.

I'm trying to collect information from past events and will volunteer to compile future recipes and so on for posterity. Please help me fill this in. If I have details here, the Theme box will link you to them.

Date Theme Ingredients Cooks Location
1995-06-?? none lamb, pineapple, arugula John, Marcia, Tim Marcia's parents
1996-spring-?? Southeast Asian seafood, mushrooms, noodles Laura, Dave, Chris Dave's 'rents (DC)
1996-08-17 Caribbean pork, chilis, mango Suzanne, Bill, Jeff, Irene Bill/Mary (Alexandria)
1996-fall-?? Fondue appetizer, meat, dessert Karen, Tom, Michelle, Mary John/Michelle's (Arlington)
1997-08-?? Cajun/creole shellfish, beans, peaches Dave, John, Bill Tom/Suzanne's
1998-06-20 Spanish snails, oranges, cheese Marcia, Tim, Chris Chris/Irene's
1998-??-?? North African figs, fowl, phillo Steve, Michelle, Mary Tom/Suzanne's
1999-02-27 French provincial beef, beans, cream Irene, Tom, Laura Bill/Mary's
1999-04?-?? Brunch red, green, blue Suzanne, Bill, John Marcia's parents
2001-11-03 Mexico/Southwest beef, beans, maize Chris Shenton, Chris Hill, Dave Sheehan John and Michelle's new house
2002-02-?? Indian lamb, lentils, spinach Michele, Marcia, Irene Chris and Irene's new house (hopefully)
[aeons pass] [various] [unknown] [forgotten] [?]
2002-04-24 Brazilian beans, greens, pork Michele, Marcia, Irene Dave and Marcia's new house
[More Aeons Pass...]
2010-10-02 Northern California fresh Avocado; Nuts; Wine; Protein: slither/swimmer (Chris), 2-legged (Marcia), 4-legged (Terry); main, appetiser/side, dessert Chris, Marcia, Terry Terry & Nancy's house

Chris Shenton
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